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Roof Books, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-931824-55-2  


"INSTANT CLASSIC is precisely that; as soon as you start reading it, you say, oh, yeah, of course, why didn't I think of that? Exploring the pathways of grammar-twisting, women's, queer poetry and poetics in a single form that encapsulates many possibilities, kaufman's book is one of the few that links us all. Fine tuned economy balanced with rhythmic alliteration of word density almost belies the intention of "classic" yet erica kaufman exhibits a sophisticated fleetness in her line design actions. Beautiful, thoughtful, a music for the eye, heart, soul and mind."

- Thurston Moore 


"How her work can fragment, bump, fall away, pile on and still exude an aura of warmth and kindness and slapstick good times sound is an alchemical mystery that makes postmodern poetry and erica kaufman’s art beating in it be the game in town always worth watching." 

- Eileen Myles 


"'We are all mutants in our own gaze,' says erica kaufman, in this set of Milton-inflected exploratory poems that casts its gaze on what we own and what owns us. In the beginning is variation and change; it is our common ground. Mutants of the world: unite! We have nothing to lose but our cowboy hats. INSTANT CLASSIC: Here & now. And how.” 

- Charles Bernstein 


photo by Simone White



'The succession of syndromes': A review of erica kaufman’s ‘INSTANT CLASSIC’

by Kathleen Delmar Miller (Jacket2)

Review by Genevieve Robichaud (Lemon Hound)

"Hey, erica kaufman! (parts one and two)" by Simone White (Harriet)

Recommendation: erica kaufman's INSTANT CLASSIC 

by Eileen Myles (The Boston Review)

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